Barbie Emo Hair

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You favorite doll in the whole world, Barbie, has decided that she wants to experiment with some emo hairstyles. She has been seeing them everywhere on the street, and therefore she also wants to get one of these emo hairstyles because she thinks that they might actually look good on her. But unfortunately Barbie can't manage to do this on her own, and will therefore need a little bit of your help to obtain her emo hairstyle. You will have the chance to completely change the way Barbie's hair looks like, and in the end all that will matter is if Barbie will be happy with this transformation you have done. Make sure to follow all the steps that you will see in this exciting hairstyle game called Barbie Emo Hair in order to make Barbie happy about her new hairstyle. Enjoy playing this exciting hairstyle game called Barbie Emo Hair!