College Room

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So this college... How does it seem so far? Are the teacher nice? Or the classes to difficult? How 'bout your room mate? I've heard you are a little bit crowded. It's true that being a diva isn't easy when you are a college student and you are surrounded by so many gorgeous gals. You have to set trends every day, be on top with your hairstyle, make-up, outfit. To do all this you need a place to know that is you own and it has your diva style signature.So your college room is your fashionista card. Lets turn this dull room into a fierce fashionista lounge.. Use your creativity and fashion sense to decorate this college room. Pick out a comfy your couch,make your working corner cozy and put all your sweet memories and great books on shelves. To give a ritzy touch to your girly room, choose a modern wallpaper in bright colors and nice patterns. Don't leave the floor without a soft carpet. Your college room is ready to welcome you. You will spent all day long with your room mate in your cute bedroom after decorating it this nicely. Enjoy!